University Communication

TCU regularly communicates with members of the academic community using U.S. mail, campus mail, telephone and email to conduct official University business.

Infor­mation communicated by TCU-provided email ( account) is considered official communication from the University. Many offices will exclusively use your email to communicate important information; therefore, it is important that TCU community members access their accounts regularly or forward their account to a preferred email address.

In addition, TCU is committed to providing a safe environment for its students, faculty and staff, and recognizes the importance of communicating clearly and quickly during an emergency.

The TCU Alert System, a mass communication program that includes phone, text and email communication, as well as indoor/outdoor loudspeakers and emergency lighting on campus, notifies the Horned Frog community of a campus emergency or weather-related closure/delay.

During any use of the TCU Alert system, TCU asks for all notification recipients to respond as soon as possible. Confirming receipt of an emergency notification is important for two reasons: most importantly, it notifies the university that the recipient knows of the emergency and can follow any instructions to remain safe.

Secondarily, your response signals the system to suspend additional planned cycles of calling, texting and emailing – TCU’s emergency response calls for at least two cycles.

Contact information for TCU Alert pulls from an internal database maintained by the university and may include home phone numbers. Information may be updated through the “Student Center” in the myTCU portal, and students are encouraged regularly to ensure that their information is current.

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