TCU Bicycle Policy

Bicycles must be ridden in accordance with state and local laws pertaining to them.  Traffic regulations must be obeyed by bicycle riders.  The TCU Police Department will provide a synopsis of such laws upon request.

  1. The operator of a bicycle must give the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
  2. Registration of bicycles is strongly advised. As a deterrent to theft and to aid in prompt identification of a lost or stolen bicycle, the TCU Police Department will provide a FREE registration decal to an owner supplying the serial number or identification number of the bicycle.
  3. Bicycle parking regulations are in effect at all times, including evenings, weekends, holidays, vacations and breaks between semesters.
  4. Bicycles may only be secured at designated bicycle racks. Any bicycle not secured at a designated bicycle rack will be removed by any means necessary and impounded. Any impounded bicycle must be claimed within 6 months of it being impounded, or it will be disposed of according to state laws.
  5. Bicycle parking is available at bicycle racks located at or near most University buildings. Bicycles are to be parked only in these areas, and must be properly attached to the racks.  The fine for bicycle regulation violation is $50.00.
  6. As a courtesy to fellow cyclists, the bicycle must be parked in only one space.
  7. Bicycles may only be ridden on approved pathways or on streets.
  8. A bicycle impeding pedestrian traffic including access for the handicapped and blind may be ticketed and impounded without prior notice.
  9. TCU will not be held liable for securing devices (locks) which are damaged during impoundment.
  10. Bicycles must not be ridden in the following manner
    1. Against the flow of vehicular traffic
    2. On grass, planting beds or any non-paved areas
    3. In University buildings
  11. Bikes are to be removed from all bike racks and stored off campus during summer break unless enrolled in classes. TCU will not be liable for any damage to or loss of bikes left on campus during summer break and moved for storage.
  12. The use of safety helmets is strongly recommended.