Community Standards

Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking, including use of e-cigarettes, is not al­lowed in any University housing facility. Smoking must take place at least twenty (20) feet away from an entrance/ exit to a building. This policy applies to the use of e-ciga­rettes and other vapor-like items. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.

Overnight Guests

Occasional overnight guests of the same gender are allowed in your room if they do not create an inconve­nience for your roommate or other residents. If your guest will be staying for more than two days, you must obtain approval from your Hall Director. As a general rule, guests are not permitted to remain longer than five days. Regard­less of the length of stay, you should inform the hall staff of any guest. You are responsible for your guest observing hall and University regulations, which entail escorting them throughout the building at all times. No sleeping in hall­ways or lounges is permitted by guests and/or residents.

Quiet Hours

A “Quiet Hours” rule is in effect in all residence halls from 10:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. However, residents are expected to respect the needs of others to sleep or study in the hall at all times. Conversing, listening to radios, ste­reos, television, and playing of music must be held to a low noise level in all student rooms and hallways. 


The only pets that are allowed in university hous­ing are fish. Fish aquariums are not to exceed 10 gallons in capacity. All other pets or animals are prohibited for health purposes. Having an unauthorized pet in University hous­ing will subject the resident to disciplinary action and im­mediate removal of the pet by the resident or local Animal Control Officer or Humane Society. Any charges made by Animal Control Officers or Humane Society will be the re­sponsibility of the resident. Repeat violations could subject the student to removal from the residence hall. “Visiting” pets are not permitted in University housing. 

Service Animals Questions concerning service dogs should be referred to the Center for Academic Services – Student Dis­ability Services, Sadler Hall, Room 1010. 

Emotional Support Animal

Students wanting to request an emotional support animal accommodation in the on-campus residence hall are responsible for presenting relevant, verifiable, professional documentation to the Center for Academic Services – Stu­dent Disability Services, Sadler Hall, Room 1010.


You may have members of the opposite gender visit you in University housing rooms during certain hours of the day. All visitors must be escorted by their hosts in all areas of the building. Visitation hours are posted in each hall. Visitors under the age of 17 are not permitted over­night in University housing, unless permission is granted by the Housing & Residence Life Office.

Visitation policies for the Fraternity and Soror­ity chapters are set by each organization. The chapter is responsible for informing members and residents of the specific policy. Fraternity and Sorority Life staff supports and assists chapters in enforcing their policies.

Violations of the visitation policy will result in follow-up, which may include removal from the hall or sus­pension of visitation privileges. Non-residents who violate visitation may be prohibited from returning to the hall.