Procedures for Student Housing Evacuations

Whenever a fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures must be followed. All occupants are required to leave the building and may not return until permitted by TCU Police or fire officials. A complete floor-by-floor, room-by-room check will be made of the building by Housing & Residence Life or Fraternity and Sorority Life Staff, TCU Police and/or fire officials whenever possible. Occupants must remain outside the building during this check. Remember that smoke, not heat or flames, is the major cause of casualties in University housing facility fires.

Know these procedures in the case of an evacuation:

  • Leave the building immediately upon hearing the fire alarm sound. Under normal conditions, all students are expected to evacuate from University housing facilities in less than 3 minutes.  All occupants must leave the building and may not return unless told to do so by Texas Christian University Police officers or fire
  • Learn the locations of all exits nearest to your room. Do not assume your regular exit is closest or safest. If possible, wear shoes and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
  • When you leave your room, close the door.
  • If smoke is present, crawl low to the floor or stay in your room.
  • Only use stairways; never use an elevator.
  • Warn fellow neighbors by knocking on doors as you quickly make your way to the nearest exit. Once outside, go to the building collection area at least 150 feet away from the building.

If you cannot leave your room for any reason:

  1. block all openings with wet towels
  2. call TCU Police (817-257-7777) or 911 and advise the dispatcher of your location
  3. stay close to the window holding a wet towel to your face;
  4. do not open the windows except to alert rescue personnel by hanging a white sheet or cloth out the windows