Web Pages | Domain Names | E-Mail Addresses | Account Names

TCU maintains certain domain names and web pages considered to be “official” pages of the University.  These official web pages are to be used for TCU business and may only be modified by authorized individuals.  Using or displaying TCU logos on other web pages without the express written permission of TCU is prohibited.  Additionally, users must not maintain any website, web page or internet domain name purporting or suggesting to be “official” pages of the University.  If confusion is possible, an appropriate disclaimer should be displayed.

TCU owns all account names as well as e-mail addresses having the tcu.edu domain.  TCU may revoke or modify your tcu.edu e-mail addresses or account names at any time.  Therefore, using TCU email for personal communications is done at your own risk.  Upon your separation from the University, excluding retirement, your right to send and receive e-mail through your tcu.edu address will cease.