Security | Network Issues

Since computer systems and networks are imperfect, users are strongly requested to report any bugs or security holes to TCU’s technical staff.  Likewise, users should not disseminate to others any information that could jeopardize, circumvent, or degrade system security or integrity.

Users recognize that systems and networks are imperfect and waive any responsibility for lost work or time that may arise from their use. TCU will not compensate users for degradation or loss of personal data, software, or hardware as a result of their use of University-owned systems or networks, or as a result of assistance they may seek from TCU’s technical staff.

TCU must ensure that academic work takes precedence at all times over other computing activities in its facilities. In situations of high user demand that may strain available computer resources, TCU reserves the right to restrict (e.g., to specific times of day) or prohibit computer activities such as game playing.