Data Retention & Destruction

TCU systems are backed up on a routine basis to ensure the ability to recover from computer or network failures or disturbances.  TCU cannot, however, guarantee the restoration of any lost or deleted information stored on its servers.

Further, once your relation with TCU ends, your access to University Computing Resources terminates. Therefore, a user which leaves or separates from the University or its employment will not necessarily have access to University property or any personal files, email or other data stored on University property.  In addition all data, electronic or otherwise belonging to TCU must be returned and any other copies must be destroyed.

If you utilize University Computing Resources to store your personal files, documents and communications, you do so at your risk.  TCU recommends that you store your personal data on your own storage media.  At a minimum, you should maintain a backup copy of your personal data.  At no time does the University accept liability for the maintenance, backup, security or loss of personal data.