Keg/Bong Penalties

Kegs and other common sources used for alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on campus. Beer bongs and other drinking paraphernalia fall under this same policy and are not permitted.

Any individual(s) who brings a keg or similar prohibited container to the campus is subject to a $500 fine, removal of the person from all university housing, and appropriate disciplinary action. In rare instances, students may be allowed to have root beer kegs for on-campus programming, if they are approved by a university staff member.

Any organization that allows a keg or other com­mon source of alcohol on campus property is subject to a $1000 fine. If a second violation occurs, a $1500 fine will be billed and the organization that permits the serving of or serves alcoholic beverages in University facilities is subject to the same penalty as for a keg. (See Code of Student Con­duct section: Alcohol)