Alcohol and Behavior

The use of alcohol will not, under any circum­stance, be accepted as an excuse for irresponsible behavior such as the making of excessive noise, vandalism, violence, sexual assault, etc. Any effort to induce or force a student to drink against his/her expressed desire will be treated as a serious offense of the Code of Student Conduct.

Students should be aware that a pattern of viola­tions often indicates problematic alcohol use.

Any violation of the alcohol policy or the Code of Student Conduct while consuming alcohol will result in the permanent disposal of the beverage and disciplinary action. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, revocation of the privilege of having alcohol in the room, monetary fines, removal of the individual from university housing or suspension from the University.

For off campus events, sponsored by a student organization, where alcohol is served, tickets to the event may be sold on campus only if: a) the price of the ticket does not include alcohol, and b) alcohol is sold separately at the event. The University does not prohibit such off cam­pus events, but it should be understood that the University neither sponsors nor approves of such events.