Policy Category: Community Standards

Security | Network Issues

Since computer systems and networks are imperfect, users are strongly requested to report any bugs or security holes to TCU’s technical staff.  Likewise, users should not disseminate to others any information that could jeopardize, circumvent, or degrade system security or integrity. Users recognize that systems and networks are imperfect and waive any responsibility for lost… Read more »


In order to encourage a culture of health and wellness for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the university, Texas Christian University prohibits the use of all tobacco products and smoking on property owned by the university.  People wishing to use tobacco as part of an established religious ceremony, academic or research activity may… Read more »

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance 2017-2018 Undergraduates registered for nine or more se­mester hours are required to have health insurance through either an individual/family plan or the University-offered plan. International Students, regardless of classification, are required to carry the University-offered Aetna student health insurance as a minimum standard of coverage and are not eligible for a waiver… Read more »

Tuition Refund Plan

TCU wants to be certain that you have an opportu­nity to protect your financial commitment in case of illness or accident. In an effort to minimize any potential financial loss, TCU has arranged with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. to provide an insurance program that will provide coverage for tuition costs if medical problems, including mental health… Read more »

University Communication

TCU regularly communicates with members of the academic community using U.S. mail, campus mail, telephone and email to conduct official University business. Infor­mation communicated by TCU-provided email (tcu.edu account) is considered official communication from the University. Many offices will exclusively use your tcu.edu email to communicate important information; therefore, it is important that TCU community… Read more »

Web Pages | Domain Names | E-Mail Addresses | Account Names

TCU maintains certain domain names and web pages considered to be “official” pages of the University.  These official web pages are to be used for TCU business and may only be modified by authorized individuals.  Using or displaying TCU logos on other web pages without the express written permission of TCU is prohibited.  Additionally, users… Read more »