Policy Category: Residential Living

Alcohol in University Housing

The alcohol policy in university housing and fraternity and sorority facilities at Texas Christian Univer­sity is designed to support the University, city, state, and federal laws as well as to create an environment conducive to learning appropriate and healthy attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of alcohol in our society. In university housing and fraternity… Read more »

Community Standards

Non-Smoking Policy Use of tobacco or nicotine products on University premises violates the Tobacco Use Policy. Possession of tobacco or nicotine products and/or tobacco or nicotine paraphernalia including but not limited to e-cigarettes, JUULs, vapes, and pipes, in a University residential facility, regardless of age, will be considered a violation. Violators are subject to disciplinary action. Overnight… Read more »

Dining Services

TCU Dining Services is managed by the Sodexo Corporation. All residents are required to have a meal plan. All resident dining plans will rollover from Fall to Spring. All plans (except Silver) require acceptance of Off-Campus Advantage to use Frog Bucks at local participating restau­rants. To review all the available plan options, please visit https://dining.tcu.edu/.

Hall Facilities and Services

Hall Office Hall office staffs receive perishable packages and serve as a general information center for the hall. Various kinds of equipment can be found in hall offices, ranging from vacuum cleaners to board games. The office is supervised by the Assistant Hall Director and is staffed by Office Assistants, RAs, and DAs. Hall office… Read more »

Housing Procedures

Welcome Meeting At the beginning of each semester, there will be a mandatory welcome meeting of University housing stu­dents at which time residence hall and University policies will be explained. Attendance is required and roll will be taken. Check your individual hall for advertising that de­tails specific location and time. Consolidation If you find yourself… Read more »

Important Phone Numbers

Campus Police 817-257-7930 Emergency Number 817-257-7777 Hall Offices Campus Apartments 817-257-7891 Carter Hall 817-257-7773 Clark Hall 817-257-7879 Colby Hall 817-257-7881 Foster Hall 817-257-7875 Grand Marc 817-257-1106 Hays Hall 817-257-4662 King Hall 817-257-7883 Milton Daniel Hall 817-257-7885 Moncrief Hall 817-257-7204 Marion Hall 817-257-7051 Pamela and Edward Clark Hall 817-257-7051 Samuelson Hall 817-257-7773 Sherley Hall 817-257-7889 Waits… Read more »

Living in University Housing

Appliances Since the electrical wiring and outlets in student rooms do not allow for extensive use of electrical appli­ances, there are certain appliances that are not allowed as use poses health, electrical, or fire risk. Refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves are not permitted since TCU provides one MicroFridge unit per room (except in the campus apartments)…. Read more »

Residential Living

OUR UNIVERSITY HOUSING COMMUNITY… is home to approximately 4,200 students, representing many of the 50 states, a variety of countries, and every academic level. Your residential experience will offer you the opportunity to interact with people who have similar as well as different opinions, ideas, and backgrounds. The goal of residential living is to provide… Read more »

Safety, Security and Emergencies

Accidents and Other Illnesses During the normal, academic year, the clinic hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Check in by 4:30 p.m. is requested. The Health Center is closed on weekends and holidays. If there is an accident or health-related incident, contact your hall staff immediately, or call TCU Police (817-257-7777)… Read more »