Policy Category: Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol and Behavior

The use of alcohol will not, under any circum­stance, be accepted as an excuse for irresponsible behavior such as the making of excessive noise, vandalism, violence, sexual assault, etc. Any effort to induce or force a student to drink against his/her expressed desire will be treated as a serious offense of the Code of Student… Read more »

Alcohol and Drug Education

Help Is Available A student who voluntarily seeks help for drug or alcohol abuse is not subject to disciplinary action; in fact, University officials will do everything they can to assist the student in obtaining appropriate treatment. If the student continues to use drugs, then he/she does become subject to disciplinary action. Legal Sanctions for… Read more »

Alcohol at Athletic Events

The consumption of alcohol is permissible for per­sons of legal drinking age in parking lots used for patrons of TCU athletic events from five hours before and one and one half hours after TCU home games, unless otherwise noted. Patrons may not bring alcohol into any athletic facility at any time.

Alcohol in University Housing

The alcohol policy in university housing and fraternity and sorority facilities at Texas Christian Univer­sity is designed to support the University, city, state, and federal laws as well as to create an environment conducive to learning appropriate and healthy attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of alcohol in our society. In university housing and fraternity… Read more »

Alcohol Policy Violations: Procedures and Sanctions for Individuals

Students must carry student IDs at all times and should present them upon request of a university staff member (including Resident Assistants and TCU Police). Any violation of the alcohol policy will subject the student to the following minimum disciplinary sanctions: First Offense The student will be required to permanently dispose of all the alcohol… Read more »

Alcohol Use Policies

TCU has the responsibility of maintaining an educational environment conducive to academic achievement and at the same time helping young people grow into mature and responsible adults. Though each individual ultimately must decide whether or not to use alcoholic beverages, the University has determined what practices will be permitted on campus (see Code of Student… Read more »

Keg/Bong Penalties

Kegs and other common sources used for alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on campus. Beer bongs and other drinking paraphernalia fall under this same policy and are not permitted. Any individual(s) who brings a keg or similar prohibited container to the campus is subject to a $500 fine, removal of the person from all… Read more »

Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

The University recognizes that in an alcohol or other drug-related emergency, the potential for disciplinary action by the University may act as a barrier to students seeking medical assistance for themselves or others. To reduce the harmful, potentially deadly, consequences of alcohol and drug overdose, the University has a Medical Amnesty/Good Samartan policy that seeks… Read more »

Serving Alcohol Off Campus

The University prohibits the use or possession of alcoholic beverages in instructional settings, including those remote to the campus. There may arise occasions when a faculty/staff member may wish to have alcohol served at certain functions off campus. Examples include events commemorating the completion of an academic or general university program. It is expected that… Read more »