Code Category: sanctions

5.2. Sanctions

Nothing in this Code of Student Conduct is intended to limit or diminish the authority of Academic Deans or other University officials from appropriately addressing conduct by a student or students which is inappropriate, disruptive, or which constitutes misconduct.


In each case in which a discipline body (discipline panel or in the case of the administrative process, a Hearing Officer) determines that a student has violated the Code, they may then determine and impose sanctions. In the case of a panel hearing, a majority vote is necessary for the imposition of one or more… Read more »


More than one sanction may be imposed for any single violation.

5.2.10 Residence Hall Eviction

Residence Hall Eviction is a sanction that requires the student to move to a new residence hall or removes the student from all residence halls. For purposes of this sanction, a “residence hall” includes any residential facility where a student has a housing license to reside.


Disciplinary sanctions shall not be made part of the student’s permanent academic record, but shall become part of the student’s disciplinary record. At the University’s discretion, if a student who has been reported for a suspected violation of the Code withdraws, transfers or graduates from the University before a hearing is conducted, a notation may… Read more »


Hearing outcomes may be released only to University offices, University faculty or staff (with an educational need to know), or to victims of sexual misconduct or other acts of violence.


Under the direction of the University Discipline Officer, she or he, other Hearing Officers, and discipline panels may issue various sanctions including: Warning, Disciplinary Probation, Residence Hall eviction, Restitution, Suspension, Suspension in Abeyance, and Expulsion, described below. They may also issue other or additional sanctions designed to enhance the educational impact of the process on… Read more »

5.2.3 Warning

Warning is written notice that the student was found to be in violation of the Code and that further violation of the Code may result in more severe disciplinary sanctions. The existence of a prior Warning may be used to influence future sanction decisions for only one calendar year from the date of the issuance… Read more »

5.2.5 Disciplinary Probation

Disciplinary probation is a sanction given for a specified period of time and serves as a severe sanction. During the period of Disciplinary Probation, the student is no longer considered in good standing with the University and may have some student privileges revoked. Should a student be found in violation of the Code during the… Read more »

5.2.6 Suspension in abeyance

Suspension in abeyance is a sanction by which a student is involuntarily separated from the University for a period of one semester to four academic years. However, the student is permitted to remain in classes during the period of the suspension unless he or she is found in violation of another Code section during the… Read more »