Code Category: procedures


Although procedural requirements in the disciplinary process are not as formal as those existing in a court of law, the following procedures generally apply: The accused student may have a person present to advise him or her in all discipline interviews, meetings and/or hearings. The advisor may only counsel the student but cannot actively participate… Read more »


Alcohol violations are not determined using the same procedures as other code violations. Alcohol violations occurring in a University residence hall or fraternity/ sorority chapter house are handled by a Hall Director or Fraternity/Sorority Affairs staff member. All other alcohol violations on campus are handled by TCU police. Appeals of alcohol violations issued in a… Read more »


Students are not permitted to record investigatory interviews. Administrative meetings before a Hearing Officer or hearings before a discipline panel will only be tape recorded if the accused student submits a written request 24 hours prior to the hearing and in such cases will be recorded by the University. Discipline panel deliberations will not be… Read more »