Code Category: investigation


In the event a student against whom a complaint of misconduct in violation of the Code of Student Conduct withdraws, transfers or graduates from the University while an investigation is pending or before a hearing has been conducted, a notice may be sent to the accused student stating that a complaint of misconduct in violation… Read more »


Upon receipt of a complaint, the Hearing Officer may initiate an investigation to determine if the complaint has merit and/or if it can be resolved through a process of mediation acceptable to the University Discipline Officer and with the mutual consent of both parties. Written notice of all complaints of alleged behavior in violation of… Read more »


Students are not permitted to record investigatory interviews. Administrative meetings before a Hearing Officer or hearings before a discipline panel will only be tape recorded if the accused student submits a written request 24 hours prior to the hearing and in such cases will be recorded by the University. Discipline panel deliberations will not be… Read more »

5.3 Interim Suspension

In certain circumstances, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or a designee, may impose a University or University housing suspension prior to the hearing. The University reserves the right to exercise its authority of interim suspension upon notification that a student is facing criminal investigation and/or complaint.