Code Category: expulsion

3.2.1 Infliction of bodily or emotional harm

Infliction or threat of infliction of bodily or emotional harm, whether done intentionally or otherwise, and including the threat of, or action taken in, retaliation for reporting allegations of student misconduct. Examples of prohibited behavior under this Section include, but are not limited to: assault, verbal harassment, bullying, hate crimes, and biased related incidents.

3.2.4 Weapons or dangerous devices

Use, storage, or possession of weapons or dangerous devices including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition, martial arts devices, knives, sling shots, air powered guns, blow guns, stun guns, tasers, fireworks, or flammable liquid. Possession of a weapon or threat of use of a weapon may result in immediate expulsion in addition to the filing… Read more »

5.2.8 Expulsion

Expulsion is a sanction by which a student is involuntarily separated from the University permanently A student expelled from the University shall have a grade of “Q” or “F” recorded for each course in progress as determined appropriate by the academic dean. The transcript will not record expulsion..