Code Category: eviction

3.2.10 Drugs

Use, production, distribution, sale or possession of drugs in a manner prohibited under Texas Law. Possession of drug paraphernalia is considered the same as possession of drugs. Being where drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are present may also be considered the same as possession of drugs. failing a non-incident motivated drug screen one time will result… Read more »

5.2.10 Residence Hall Eviction

Residence Hall Eviction is a sanction that requires the student to move to a new residence hall or removes the student from all residence halls. For purposes of this sanction, a “residence hall” includes any residential facility where a student has a housing license to reside.


Under the direction of the University Discipline Officer, she or he, other Hearing Officers, and discipline panels may issue various sanctions including: Warning, Disciplinary Probation, Residence Hall eviction, Restitution, Suspension, Suspension in Abeyance, and Expulsion, described below. They may also issue other or additional sanctions designed to enhance the educational impact of the process on… Read more »