Code Category: discipline

1.5 University Discipline Officer

The University Discipline Officer is the Student Affairs staff member empowered to provide overall direction for the University student discipline system. The University Discipline Officer is also empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic Code violations as a Hearing Officer.

1.6 Hearing Officer

Student Affairs staff member empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic Code violations including and under the general direction of the University Discipline Officer.

1.7 Discipline panel

A group of three to five trained faculty/staff members including one panel chairperson, operating under the auspices of the Student Conduct and Grievance Committee, empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic policy violations or an appeal of a decision made by the University Discipline Officer.

1.8 Peer Discipline Board (PDB)

A discipline panel of students living in residence halls and Greek houses empowered to adjudicate alcohol and com- munity standards violations, in addition to hearing appeals of alcohol violations issued in a residence hall or Greek house. The PDB can issue a Letter of Warning in addition to other educational and community service sanctions. The… Read more »

2. Discipline Authority

The Dean of Campus Life will serve as or designate the University Discipline Officer and appoint all Hearing Officers.

2.1 Mediation

Neutral, third party mediation is available for student-to-student conflicts in most cases where the primary policy violation involves conflicts between the two parties (i.e., roommate conflicts). Mediation requires the approval of the University Discipline Officer, or his/her designee. Mediators are identified by Campus Life – Dean’s Office. Mediation is offered as an alternative to the formal… Read more »


In Title IX cases the complainant will be notified of any disciplinary outcomes and is given the right to appeal decisions.


The accused student has the right to a formal hearing before a discipline panel (excluding alcohol and community standards violations). However, at the Hearing Officer’s discretion, the accused student may opt in writing to waive their right to a discipline panel hearing and instead, have the matter decided administratively by a Hearing Officer.
In such cases,… Read more »


Although procedural requirements in the disciplinary process are not as formal as those existing in a court of law, the following procedures generally apply: The accused student may have a person present to advise him or her in all discipline interviews, meetings and/or hearings. The advisor may only counsel the student but cannot actively participate… Read more »


Alcohol violations are not determined using the same procedures as other code violations. Alcohol violations occurring in a University residence hall or fraternity/ sorority chapter house are handled by a Hall Director or Fraternity/Sorority Affairs staff member. All other alcohol violations on campus are handled by TCU police. Appeals of alcohol violations issued in a… Read more »