Code Category: definitions

1.10 May

May will be used in the permissive sense.

1.11 Shall

Shall will be used in the imperative sense.

1.2 Student

All students are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, including the procedures and disciplinary measures set forth herein. The term “student” includes all persons who: Are registered for one or more courses, either credit or non-credit, at TCU; Withdraw, transfer, or graduate after an alleged violation of this… Read more »

1.3 University community

University community includes anyone who has a legitimate role on campus including students, faculty, staff, and family members of the aforementioned people. The university community also includes vendors, contractors and members of the surrounding community who are on cam- pus to participate in educational, cultural, or athletic events sponsored by the University and open to… Read more »

1.4 Code of Student Conduct (“Code”)

The Code of Student Conduct is the rule structure that out- lines the rights and responsibilities of Texas Christian University students. It also contains the procedures for filing a complaint of student misconduct, the disciplinary process for alleged student misconduct, and possible disciplinary sanctions for student misconduct.

1.5 University Discipline Officer

The University Discipline Officer is the Student Affairs staff member empowered to provide overall direction for the University student discipline system. The University Discipline Officer is also empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic Code violations as a Hearing Officer.

1.6 Hearing Officer

Student Affairs staff member empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic Code violations including and under the general direction of the University Discipline Officer.

1.7 Discipline panel

A group of three to five trained faculty/staff members including one panel chairperson, operating under the auspices of the Student Conduct and Grievance Committee, empowered to receive and adjudicate non-academic policy violations or an appeal of a decision made by the University Discipline Officer.