Code Category: appeals


A student found in violation of a section of the Code by either a Hearing Officer or discipline panel may appeal the hearing decision. An appeal, except appeals of alcohol violations, must be in writing and received in the Campus Life – Dean’s Office within three business days of the date of the letter notifying… Read more »


Except as required to explain the existence of new information, an appeal shall be limited to review of the supporting documents for one or more for the following purposes: to determine whether the original process was conducted in conformity with prescribed measures. to determine whether the decision reached regarding the accused student was supported by… Read more »


Following a review of the relevant information, the appeal officer or panel may either uphold the prior decision or alter it, in total or part, at his or her discretion. The appeal officer or panel may, upon review of the sanction(s) imposed, reduce, affirm, or increase the severity of sanction(s).